Migration \ Migration from BM/BM+ to Aurius


The client was already using Fairmort’s WILF Reporting software to provide management and liquidity reports so this was in the ideal position to act as the migration staging database. As WILF was a reporting repository the initial part of the project was to identify data that would be required for migration but not already included in the WILF core extraction process. In addition to this was the inclusion of satellite data sources that were outside of the Banking system but were to be migrated to the target.


As with all migrations there was a disparity between the source and target systems in how entities were represented and stored. The biggest issue with this project was that BM is account-centric and Aurius is customer centric which required consolidation of personal and business data. A large amount of data cleansing was required as all history was to be migrated. The transformation routines were created to target Aurius provided definition files.


Although there were some concerns over the time constraints of the go-live due to the full history being migrated the transformation and load routines were continually reviewed to provide the more optimal solution. Aurius does not provide an online loader, so instead the WILF Migration Tool was extended to be able to import Aurius loader-reports post migration to provide a single source of extraction-transformation-load reports.


Due to the disparity between the two systems, a large part of the reconciliation was to actually provide reports to test the correctness of the data being migrated. These validation reports would detail differences between consolidated data, what would be migrated and what could potentially be lost. As there was no online loader we extended the migration tool to record outgoing values and then to use the target mappings to query the final data in the target system and to reports discrepancies. Financial reconciliation was achieved by comparing the core system reports and doing an account by account comparison, along with Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet evaluation.


Load – creation of files submitted to Aurius loader.

Table Name Time Records Written
CUSTOMER_NOTE 00:00:21 84,575
DDiin 00:00:55 14,379
DDiout 00:00:01 3,447
GL 00:00:01 372
JISA_Signer 00:00:00 66
Loan 00:02:32 25,837
lsched 00:02:35 512,075
NONPERS 00:00:30 25,518
Originator 00:00:00 767
PEOPLE 00:00:35 51,012
Proof 00:00:06 25,083
Proof 00:00:07 25,083
RATE 00:00:02 21,254
Rate_Historic 00:01:10 882,081
STMTHDR 00:00:06 18,552
TERM 00:00:09 6,056
Txns 00:34:32 7,255,494
TXNSTOP 00:00:01 946
UNIX_CRM 00:00:16 24,699
Year_End 00:00:08 85,866
Approx. 4½ minutes per 1 million records.