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A Tier 1 Bank were to be taking on the responsibility of a number of clients and accounts from another Tier 1 Bank and required the development of a Client Transition Portal (CTP) to facilitate the moving of Customer and Account details into their banking system. Opening accounts in the bank requires the completion of a number of financial and legal forms which are stored as pdf forms and would normally be completed manually. Different forms are required based on the type of customer, the type of account and the country the client is based in. The purpose of the CTP was to allow the automation of this process by automatically collating the forms required for each account and pre-filling them with information taken from a database before compiling them into a pack which the bank would use to open the new accounts.

Initial Phase

Initial meetings were held with the Bank’s staff and other contractors to find out the nature of the customer and account information that was required to open an account, as well as the types of customers and accounts that needed to be transferred. This information was then used for designing the database and the workflow of the web portal.

Development Phase

Development of the CTP was split into two parts, each of which was handled by a different sub team. The first sub team dealt with the development of a web site using and Javascript which would serve as the user interface that staff would use to open the new accounts. This team was deployed on site and worked together with the banks staff to design the requirements of the web site.

The second sub team remained in the Fairmort offices and dealt with the formatting of the pdf template files, the importing of the templates into the database and the assignment of the templates to different account types, languages and booking centres so that the correct forms were listed on the web site based on the branch they were loaded from and the language the forms were requested in. This involved the organisation of around 1000 pdf files across 6 booking centres and 5 languages. To do this a Windows program was written using C# to facilitate the importing of the documents and their assignment within the database. SQL scripts were then written to verify that the templates were correctly assigned. Throughout the development this team was in regular contact with the Bank who provided banking and legal expertise when deciding on the design of the pdf templates and their availability on the CTP web site as well as how the web site would be used.

Testing, UAT & Go-Live

Initial testing of the pdf templates and the database was carried out by the team at the Fairmort office before SQL scripts were generated to release the database changes to the Bank who, along with the staff deployed on site, then performed their own rigorous testing of the database together with the CTP web site before deploying both to their booking centres to go live.

Technologies Used

MSSQL 2008 R2, C#, ASP.NET, Javascript, Adobe Acrobat (pdf design)