Fast-Fuse \ BM to Sandstone BankFast

Project Description

The Bank were looking to replace their legacy Internet Banking solution with a more modern, customisable, multi-channel offering. Although the legacy system provided a payments channel it did not provide an online enquiry (only a bulk periodic extract). Due to our expertise in BM, Fairmort were approached to provide the interface between BM and BankFast, which fit with our growing Fast-Fuse product. BankFast published a (web services) WSDL file and we agreed which services would be supported. In addition to the web-service we also supplied a test application to validate the BM connection independent of BankFast. The implementation was very quick, with simple configuration providing easy connection to BankFast. The new solution provides a much quicker and smoother user experience than the legacy system. Initially the new site was provided to selected clients before a full scale switch. Since initial release further services have been supported as and when the Bank requested them. The solution also included a back-end application to manage user’s access and authorisation rights.

Services Provided

  • Enquiry: Customer, Account, Transaction, Payments
  • Transfers: Internal, 3rd Party (Faster / BACS / CHAPS),
  • Regular Direct Debit maintenance