CAIS Reporting

The Credit Account Information Sharing (CAIS) file holds information on over 440 million credit accounts – 32 million of which are in default. This provides members with the information they need to avoid consumer bad debt.

Our CAIS Data program provided the Bank with an extension to their core Lending system, providing touch of a button extraction for submission to Experian. The solution gave the Bank full control over the elements of the extract which were not readily available within the core systems(s). CAIS Data also provided the mechanism for reporting from multiple distinct financial institutions owned by the Bank.

Experian operates CAIS on behalf of its members. The members who ‘manage’ the scheme make the rules governing how CAIS operates. These two bodies are; the CAIS User Group and The Steering Committee on Reciprocity. CAIS operates under strict rules of ‘reciprocity’. Members are entitled to access information that is directly equivalent to the level of information they supply.