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All your reporting requirements in one flexible solution

‘What I’m Looking For’ / WILFr (formerly known as BIRT) is a powerful and flexible management information and regulatory reporting tool, which automatically imports data from multiple front and back office systems into a fully relational data warehouse in both MSSQL and Oracle. This provides a consolidated view of data, across the business, contained within a central point of reference allowing for a more detailed, transparent and accurate view of the business. WILFr provides a wide range of reporting options, flexibility and complexity for a complete business reporting solution.

Why use separate applications to gather and report your data when you could find one product to do it all?

WILF Reporting handles complex data extraction from any system to provide a central view of management and business information, for all sizes of business, helping to reduce costs and save time.

Business Benefits

  • A cost effective solution for management information and regulatory reporting.
  • Quick to implement and deploy.
  • A consolidated view from multiple sources allows a holistic view of the business, gives a ‘Single Version of the Truth’.
  • Data continuity should data sources change.
  • Powerful extraction engine can read from multiple data sources.

Key Features

  • Extract Data directly from multiple sources (including T24, Avaloq, Flexcube, Bankmaster/BM+, OBS, Systematics VSAM, Aurius, Kastle, Sun Accounts), MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, Informix, Postgres, XML, Delimited & Fixed Length Text files, MS Excel and MS Access.
  • Import and consolidate data into a relational database, giving you complete analysis, custom reports, data drilldown, graphical displays and full SQL query access.
  • Flexible and powerful reporting that allows users or IT staff to create different management & business reports . This open approach puts the client firmly in control of their reporting requirements.
  • A solutions platform for business problems i.e. Risk Analysis, Stress Testing, Workflows, AML & Fraud, Section 17, CASS, FATCA, COREP/FINREP, FSA & BoE reporting & FSCS.
  • Quick to implement. Quick to roll out to the business. Easy to use.

What WILF Reporting Offers

Regulatory Reporting FSA

Configure regulatory reports for your local jurisdiction in multiple formats (HTML, MS Excel, XML, Text etc.) and submit them directly to your regulatory body at the touch of a button.

AML & Fraud Prevention

Provides the functionality to keep abreast of anti-money laundering and fraud obligations by monitoring customer transactions for suspicious activities and sanction list checking for new and existing customers and contacts.

Liquidity Risk

Multiple scenario configuration to specify different stress situations with controllable outflows and mitigated actions. Allows the use of forward projections of liabilities, liquidity and capital requirements.


An automated solution that utilises the XBRL engine to interpret taxonomies, allowing manual adjustments and easy submission to the European regulatory authorities. Offers full or ‘lite’ reporting options.


Allows the creation of tailored business workflow processes, to allocate jobs to business units that pass through defined stages and events, ensuing specific actions are standardised.

Legacy & Archiving

Use as an archiving tool or as a legacy resource following a system migration. Access your database to query any account, customer and system details (including historic views) to reduce costs.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

A simple solution to combine customer accounts to comply with FSCS “Single Customer View” regulatory requirements.

Query Builder

QueryBuilder is a user-friendly tool that allows users to create their own queries for use in widgets and reports.

Additional Solutions

  • Current Account Switching Service (CASS)
  • Section 17
  • Additional services...

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Read how other clients use WILFr to manage multiple Data sources

Read Case Study
We decided to work with Fairmort primarily because its solution offered much more than just reporting functionality. As a data warehouse receiving disparate data from multiple sources including our core banking system, it provides data concurrency and integrity. In addition, Fairmort’s expert ability to intelligently combine their knowledge of our business and systems with their development capability to quickly meet the new regulatory demands reduced our risk and time to achieve compliance.

Bank C